Life is full of beauty, try to notice it…

La Tuque is located in the heart of nature, on a wooded slope in the Lot valley. A paradise of great biodiversity where the flora and fauna are not fenced in.

In spring, dozens of varieties of orchid and other wildflowers bloom. Autumn offers a goldmine of mushroom species.

Deer roam the terrace and our garden, as this is also their habitat.

In autumn and winter, this area is ideal for wild boar, who come here to forage for acorns, beech nuts and chestnuts.

Squirrels, various species of mice, crickets and grasshoppers, fire salamanders and flying deer, to name but a few, are regular guests in this area.

More rarely, you’ll see foxes, badgers, martens and weasels, but they too are part of the Lot’s wildlife.

The area is teeming with birds of prey, such as buzzards, falcons, hawks and owls. Smaller bird species, such as the hoopoe and golden oriole, are also a favourite with birdwatchers.

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